Divorce Affair

Woman Call Bishop Makamu’s Wife A Clown For Forgiving Her Cheating Husband

“Does for better or worse mean cheating nowadays?”

A video of Bishop I Makamu publicily apologizing, at church, to his wife left a lot of people with a lot to say. Some people, especially men, were proud that she forgave her husband for cheating on her. However, a lot of women called her a clown for forgiving him.

“Would he have apologized if he wasn’t exposed or if he didn’t get caught. She is a clown for forgiving him, she needs to love herself”, This was one of the many comments about Mrs Makamu.

Some people believe that he apologized in front of a lot of people because she would be pressured into forgiving him. He really embarrassed her, and the fact that she forgave him after he embarrassed her that much, goes to show that she will never leave her husband.

Some people think that she won’t leave him because she is financially dependent on him.

I Makamu


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