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Road Accident

Three killed as taxi and truck crash on Durban highway, see how

On Tuesday, a fully loaded minibus taxi collided with a truck and other vehicles on the M4 south of Durban, killing three people and injuring many more.

According to Garrith Jamieson of ALS Paramedics, the accident happened shortly after 9 a.m. near Victoria Embankment.

"Paramedics appeared on the scene to find total carnage due to a collision involving multiple vehicles." The truck, taxi, and two other vehicles are thought to have collided before the taxi rolled and ejected the majority of its passengers."

Jamieson stated that the victims were adults in their twenties and early thirties.

At least 15 more people, including children, suffered minor to severe injuries and were taken to the hospital.

People are advised to be cautious when driving to eliminate, the high rate of accidents and deaths on the road.

"I drove to Durban and realised that Durban people can't drive. I am not blaming this on all taxi drivers there but how on earth do they travel at 180 km/h with passengers on a freeway..😭"?

May the souls of those who lost their lives RIP.



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