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My grandmother killed my mother and my dad left us when were young his family disowned us lady cries

A lady recently took to social media to share her story of how her witch grandmother turned their lives upside down. After the death of their mother who was allegedly killed by the grandmother, their father abandoned them at a young age. Their father's family wanted nothing to do with them the turned to the mother's side for help, their grandmother took them in and they thought that their Trouble were over then strange things started happening. This led to her sister falling ill, she started coughing non stop, they immediately took her to the nearest clinic but that didn't help so the took her to the nearest hospital.

That also didn't do much good, as she was get worse and worse. The lady claims that one day her and her grandmother took her sister outside for some fresh air and went inside for to prepare water to bath her when they went outside to check on her they saw an owl on top of her head in broad daylight.

Her full story


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