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14-year-old was allegedly raped and given poisoned chocolate

14-year-old Lendokuhle Makhotshi was allegedly raped by a 25 year old and reportedly gave her poisoned chocolate, is was poisoned with rat poisoned and she died in hospital at Katlehong Gauteng.

Tragedy his the family of a 14-year-old who was raped and feed with poisoned chocolate, the perpetrator felt like it wasn't enough to only rape her and decided to feed her with rat poison.

Mother of Lindokuhle is in deep pain after the death of her only daughter, the suspect someone they know and lives around the community. It is like a nightmare to me, when I received the news I thought it was a joke. We wouldn't have suspected the suspect from committing such crimes he seemed like a nice guy to the family and the community says mother of Lindokuhle.

A case have been opened against the 25 year old suspect and he was arrested with immediate effect, to be charged with murder and rape.

For more information on the death of the 14-year-old follow out page.

Katlehong Lendokuhle Makhotshi Lindokuhle


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