Interesting Times In SA As White Sangomas Were Spotted

But we are seeing white people do whatever they want and that is something that you are truly very concerned about, because we have definitely not seen something like this before so it is quite interesting to witness.

Sangomas are known to be predominantly black people who are very traditional, and this also comes from the fact that it is in the belief system so to see white people saying that they also have become sangomas is quite interesting.

Apparently this is quite unusual and many people are wondering if these white people are broke, because this will explain a lot it is not all the time where you find other nationalities or races doing such things so it becomes a very interesting question.

No obviously there are lot of people who are sangomas in the country and that is not what many people think that it is so it is questionable that it is even happening. However it is becoming more and more clear that the world is moving toward a situation where it is inclusive of all types of people so even if you do not belong with the black race you can do what you want.

Now obviously people have turned to social media to react to the image, and they are saying all kinds of things with some of them simply laughing it off as something that is a social media joke.

Most are hinking that there's no way that this is true with a similar situation where the individuals that caught up in a place, where the same player taking pictures just to start up some drama or get people talking and there is nothing else to it.

If this incident just simply a joke that was made then it makes sense, because you never really expect to see why people engaging in such traditions of black people.



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