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Watch : Cable Thief Who Has Been Terrorizing Truck Drivers Gets A Beating Of A Lifetime


It seems like the truck drivers had pounced on the suspect who had been stealing the cables of their trucks while they had them parked by the road, they gave the suspect a severe beating for his actions then they proceeded to ask him why he was doing whatever he was doing because the truck drivers really depend on those parts.

But as always, the perpetrators of crimes are always making the excuse that they have to support their family members and that is why they are doing their criminal activities, that is why the truck drivers spared his life because they felt like there was no reason for them to kill him they just want him not to repeat this again because everyone is just trying to make a living.

These perpetrators of crimes take these parts that they steal from truck drivers and then proceed to go and sell them to second-hand car dealerships or directly to other truck drivers as second hand car parts and this is how they make money, these operations have been going on for quite some time now and there are known hotspots where truck drivers are supposed to be on the lookout for such individuals and they do this in broad daylight so it means that the police are not doing their job in apprehending the perpetrators of crimes.

In most cases such individuals get beaten up or shot so it is just fortunate for him that he survived this incident and it is a just unfortunate for members of the public who have to live with the crime that is happening around the country, and that is why the police are encouraging members of the public who might have information that could lead to the arrest of the suspects who are involved in criminal activities to come forward and give that information.

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