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Watch : Minister Cele Loses His Cool After Crime Activist Said This

This man Called Ian is part of some movement or neighborhood watch where they set up a team to watch their premises and protect their town from violent criminals, this is definitely something that has caused some trouble in the neighborhood.

Cele then responded by telling Cameron to shut up, this is after this anti-crime activist has went on to stand before Bheki Cele as well as his police officers and tell them that they have been doing a very bad job in the country, because there are a lot of people who are suffering.

But instead of these people approaching the police they choose to approach them for help it seems like there was a case that is being discussed by this young man, a case that is pressing to the community members and it. happened recently.

The police were not responsive and they did not do anything so they were called in to assist and it turns out that they were able to successfully arrest the individual who had run off to another province, while the police were not doing anything about it considering their considerable resources

“I’m not going to take any nonsense of someone who regards me as a garden boy today" these are words coming from a minister, he further went on to say "because you regard me as a garden boy. You come here, shut up, shut up, shut up,” . At that point you could see that the minister had definitely lost the plot and has allowed his emotions to get the better of him in a debate of intellect and facts.

As the bigger man in the room the one with all the power he was not supposed to be acting the way that he did and allowing the police to drag that young man out of that room, he was bringing up some very crucial points that a lot of people are wondering about in the country

He added that he had sat and listened to Cameron talking nonsense, can you imagine but you don't have to because there is actual visual evidence broadcasted all over the television. The activist is convinced, that the minister is abusing his authority in the highest Office of the SAPS.

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