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Don't Fall A Victim: Here is how you can identify a fake police officer in South Africa

Crime is on the rise in South Africa. Bandits work hard to deceive and defraud people because of their hard-earned money. Some bandits are so desperate that they can pretend to be police.

 Many people have been arrested by the false police. This was because they did not know their rights. There are simple ways one can tell if a police officer is a liar or a real person because false police are everywhere.

 Here is a list of things to look for if you suspect that your partner is a fake cop.

 1. Name Tag.

 A police officer should always wear a sign with them. Not having a name can cast serious doubts about why you are allowed to ask a police officer to give you his name. If they refuse to do so, they are required to provide their preferred card, which each police officer will carry with them during their official duties. if the officer refuses the card then you are in your hands asking to speak to the supervisor or the superintendent of supervisors. 

2. Drive to the nearest station.

Some people have encountered false police while driving on the street. To avoid this if they are stopped by a police officer and in some way feel unsafe, it is best to continue driving at the nearest police station. In this way it is easier to know whether they are real police or not. If they are liars they will be afraid to follow you to the police.

3. Call 10111

 Sometimes your first instinct can tell if you are in trouble. Some investigators do not wear a uniform so if they do not show you a badge with their names you should ask them to call 10 111 to confirm the officer's qualifications.

4. Film the police officer.

 Contrary to many people's beliefs, it is legal to photograph a police officer and not a police force.

 Remember to be careful every time you go to share this story to help someone who may be caught by their friends pretending to be police.

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