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Road Accident

Taxi And Traffic Cop Car Involved In An Accident But Mzansi Spotted This

Brake failure led to a multiple car crash in Limpopo and that accident fortunately did not leave anyone injured even though 5 motor vehicles were involved. This incident caused a huge stone social media with a lot of people claiming that the taxi is obviously part of the accident as taxi drivers are known for reckless driving. Another thing that is convincing people that this taxi is part of the accident is the fact that the taxi is covered with a box at the back and it had no window at all which is proof that it has been involved in an accident before.

Taxi drivers are always been rebuked for driving recklessly on the road but it seems like they do not want to take bus from anyone as they feel like they are the only people who can drive on the road and do it however they want. What do you think should be done regarding that matter?

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