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Even Zimbabwean police come to SA to commit crime. Look at what was found with this one

Border jumping, robberies, and drownings are becoming a worry at the Beitbridge checkpoint. According to Zimbabwean officials, criminal activity has increased in the region, and they are collaborating with South African police to stem the tide of crime there. However, it appears that efforts to combat crime are useless, as Zimbabwean police have now joined Zimbabwean residents in doing illegal acts.

On Sunday, SANDF soldiers seized cannabis worth R 126,500 that a Zimbabwean police officer was transporting. The police officer had dagga in his possession, and he had entered South Africa illegally. His Zimbabwean Police Identification Card was also in his possession.

Photograph of a Zimbabwean police officer caught importing cannabis into South Africa.

Currently, everything are out of control. Even Zimbabwean law enforcement officers travel to South Africa to commit crimes! So, might Edna Mnangagwa be true in stating that Zimbabweans in South Africa are Zimbabwean criminals who have fled the country? Our nation is under assault, and the next thing you know, they'll arrive in full uniform and try to seize whatever they can by force.

Image: Bags of cannabis seized by Zimbabwean law enforcement.

In a separate instance, SANDF soldiers apprehended two opulent vehicles attempting to unlawfully cross the border into Zimbabwe. The drivers, according to the police, leaped out of their vehicles and went directly across the border into Zimbabwe. The automobiles in question are a Toyota Hilux GD6 Legend 50 and a Toyota Fortuner 2020.

The Zimbabweans are on the move. Community members caught a second Zimbabwean suspected of murdering two South Africans in the past two days and re-crossing the river into Zimbabwe. It is reported that he raped and robbed vulnerable residents in and around the Vhembe district and Niani districts.

Image: Bags of cannabis seized by Zimbabwean law enforcement.

We wish South Africa were more like other nations. Currently, Botswana is expelling thousands of Zimbabweans. Namibia plans to follow suit in the near future. In South Africa, however, our government is still modifying and debating policy, as opposed to just deporting large numbers of people. In the international relations of the SADC, we are a true weak link.

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