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Father tells his children to check on him every day after this happened

A man lives in so much that he has told his children to check on him every day to see if his okay. 

72 year old Mathew Sulelo has been living in Kariega for over 10 years but an underground leak to his property caused an electrical fault.

The leak caused a power outage and a municipal team connected his house to his neighbour’s as a short-term fix.

He has been waiting ever since for the municipality to finish the repairs, including filling in a trench dug up in his front garden.

“I have been living in misery ever since. I am unable to sleep at night thinking that this house might catch fire due to the exposed cables,” he said.

The wiring is connected to his neighbour’s meter, with cables then running through his bathroom and into his bedroom where the meter is located. Out of fear, Sulelo no longer sleeps in the bedroom or uses the bathroom.

“I am thankful to God every morning that I am still alive,” he said.

“My neighbour does not have a problem with the connection but I fear that one day these cables will explode.”

Sulelo said he was living alone in the house and that his children had to phone him frequently to check up on him.

“The municipality never came back to check if the wiring is still in good condition. I can’t even do anything about these wires. I am scared to get shocked,” he said.

Over the years he has been to different municipal offices with little success.

“I am desperate. All I want is for the municipality to come and fix this. They even estimate my water reading because this has affected it all,” he said.

His neighbour, Laetitia Fourie, 49, said she was concerned as the power tripped when both geysers were switched on at the two properties.

“It’s been like this for years. I have reported it several times to officials.”

She said Solule was using electricity that she had paid for but there was nothing she could do about it.

Fourie said that it was lifethreatening situation. Nelson Mandela Bay municipal spokesperson Mthubanzi Mniki did not respond to questions by the time of going to print.


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