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A Picture Of A Girl Goes Viral, Here's What Mzansi Spotted

The image has caused a stir on social media especially after members of the public spotted what the girl was carrying, it seems like a lot of people have the impression that this girl is coming from school from writing her exams and when she was heading back home she decided to stop by the liquor store in order to purchase some alcoholic drinks in order another to distress.

But of course there are speculations from members of the public about the young girl who is believed to be in her matric, and they have said that there are many things that she could be doing with her time at that moment other than buying alcoholic drinks.

Especially after school when she’s supposed to be writing her exams of course others have thought that she could be celebrating, and who knows what she could be doing, because people celebrate differently and it is common for someone to celebrate by drinking some alcohol.

But of course a lot of people are very simplistic and they have already drawn the conclusion that this is because of her failure of an exam that could have pushed her towards dropping by the liquor store and purchasing some alcohol, many people have gone through different lives throughout high school and some people have gone through periods of depression or they felt like they had to end their lives.

Some people have lived great lives in high school and sometimes in their lives they wish that they can go back and relive those years when things were a lot easy AMD they just coursed through life, many people will tell you that they did drink at one point to another in high school so it doesn’t come as a surprise to many of us.

However, it seems like this picture has caused a major stir and a lot of people have commented on it perhaps because it reminds them of when they were in their tender age.

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