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New scam| Watch out for this new scam below

There are so many scams currently in the country. Different types of scams, and the number of scams keep increasing. People are scammed of their hard earned money all the time.

Scams have became something that we need to watch out for everyday of our lives. There are many common scams that are use to on people, such as: telephone scams, Ponzi scams, insurance scams, Charity scams, Pyramid scams and banking scams.

Scammers are always a step ahead, they are always plotting on their next scam. When people catch on the scam, they are already on the next scam.

There is a new scam, that is being used on people. Anti-crime activist and journalist Yusuf Abramjee warned the public of the scam, so that they won't fall victim.

Beware of this scam below:

A fake cop will call you saying there is a charge against you and threaten an arrest. He or She will then whatApp from what looks like a real profile. Normally these people will ask for money to drop charges. DO NOT e-wallet or send any money to anyone so they can 'drop' the so called charge, instead report it to the police. These scams are common.

Criminals go out of their way, put in so much money in order to scam, extort money from unsuspecting victims every day.


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