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In Shock : This Is The Current Situation In East Rand

EAST RAND – The pictures show the current weather conditions in East Rand, Gauteng. The worst part is that the weather is very unpredictable as it will seem as if it is going to be hot or slightly windy then it turns out to be something that people never expected. Some people are even complaining and saying there was no electricity early even now that the weather is still like this so you can imagine what they’re going through.

There's nothing worse than experiencing load shedding while the weather is very bad on the other hand cause most of the times people need to switch on heaters when it’s like this and take proper warm baths, but they cannot do any of those things if there is no electricity. People also need to be making tea and eating warm stuff but all that becomes difficult when there is no electricity so it's something that is very bad.

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East East Rand Gauteng Shock


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