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A lady confesses Anonymously how her inlaws caught her twerking

This is the most funniest article of all day. Imagine your boyfriend's parents walking in on you while you're twerking. Imagine the embarrassment.

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I have been dating this wonderful guy for four years now, we are in a long distance relationship but his parents allows me to visit sometimes, well three days ago my boyfriend invited me to visit him by the way they stay in Limpopo. The next morning I took a bus to Limpopo and passed by the naughty shop in Polokwane.

My Pedi boyfriend is our South African version of Christian Grey so I went all out because he told me his parents have went to Bolobedu, so I took advantage of that. So my boyfriend and I decorated the entire house with red lights n roses after all we have two weeks yonke mos

So yesterday I woke up at six and took a bath put on my black G-string and black bra, I decided to make him some pancakes while he was bathing, their house is big and we were playing loud music already tipsy in the morning and then boom his parents were behind me and I was there dancing to Makhadzi's music... I am a fully figured lady and sometimes I like twerking especially when I know no one is looking, his parents came with their colleague and came inside the house without knocking

I wanna go home but my boyfriend is scared that I might end things, since they saw me I haven't been outside my boyfriend's room. How do I react in the morning because we are all going out?"

Comment your thoughts below. How would you have reacted or what would you have done?

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