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Illegal Cigarettes Or Instant Wealth, People Are Becoming Millionaires Selling Illegal Cigarettes

The world is fast becoming infested with illegal cigarettes, everywhere you look people are blowing up smoke. These days even high school children smoke, so it is hard to imagine how the health of our society is going to be in a few years time. Smoking is no longer a taboo but it is somewhat of a hobby these days, most people around the world smoke these days. This is the reason that some very smart guys came up with the illegal cigarette. Illegal cigarettes come at an advantage because they are cheap to purchase and they are cheap to sell as well. People buy illegal cigarettes at an alarming rate because of the price,1 rand sounds better than 3 rand any day to me. They are very popular here in South Africa ever since they hit the streets back in 2000.Every Street Vendor sells illegal cigarettes it has been come to be accepted, this is because most people here in South Africa can't afford a Stuyvesant everyday. The suppliers of these cigarettes make millions a month because of these cigarettes, people buy in bulk and sell independently. The profit is more than 100 percent of the cost, it just makes good business sense. I guess because they aren't hurting any one and they are just trying to make a living, I don't see it as a bad thing.

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