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Check Out What The Police Found In The Vehicle Chop Shops

The carjackings crimes are very popular in south africa,the criminals are getting away with this types of crime as many south africans never recovered their stolen vehicles,it is quite questionable that what is it that spikes the demand for the stolen vehicles,some of these vehicles are transported to the neighbouring foreign countries while some are stripped and chopped and their parts sold to the panel beaters.Having one's car stolen is the small edge of the wedge,just a few hours after being stolen,it is either heading towards the borders or it is chopped and stripped beyond recognition,it is much wiser for one to install the trackers into his or her own vehicle.The South Police Services together with the military and the Car trackers security have joined hands to crackdown on the chop shops around the country,the trio found few cars practically chopped beyond recognition in one of the chop shops in Gauteng.The modern vehicles are very expensive,just the parts that one never thought would they aren't that expensive,he/she would find that they're very expensive.As far as people damages their vehicles regularly,there's a need for the second hand or used vehicle parts.The vehicle choppers and strippers are targeting this individuals who doesn't have the car insurance.

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