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A Man Went To Gym But Mzansi Spotted This. See In Picture

A Man Went To Gym But Mzansi Spotted This. See In Pictures


A Man who recently went to gym wearing Cavelas left mzansi speechless. He has now become the talk in social media. One of social media influencer took it to his social media page where he expose the new lifestyle that people are living today. With caption: "Who goes to the gym wearing Cavelas?"

The man left us with questions without knowing either he is a first goeser or he is a regular customers. We all know that when going to gym there is outfits which all the gym goeser have to put. To our suprise we are not sure whether he is going to gym or his going to watch others as they exercise. Many have come out in numbers to comment about their thoughts. One of social media user have asked the Province which he could be coming from. Many have put their vision saying that his a Zulu and the only person who like to wear Cvela is Big Zulu.

He is a beginner this one, he will know what to wear the more he attends. Sometimes it happens that you get to gym and you realize that you have left something behind and you make use of what. People come to the gym wearing anything then overtime they get to see what others are wearing. They then adapt and start wearing the correct gym wear. Someone was wearing a jean today. It didn’t shock at all. We all start somewhere.

It seems like Zulu peoe are the only people who likes cavera. What people need to know is that when going to gym there are clothes that are being wear. You cannot exercisewearing gym how are you going to stretchif you are wearing a jean. And if you were to use Cavelas it means you no longer want them.

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