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Husband and wife relationship

Opinion -when there is unity in a home, it will trigger growth in any nation

Intact and ready to govern for the betterment of our people. Unity is Power.

The betterment of any people, in a

 Country and in any nation is usually provoked by unity, where there is unity in any state it will bring monumental change and increase in development.

The power of unity at home, family, community, society, and the nation cannot be over emphazes. We shall be discussing this power of unity with the following :

1. The power of unity between husband and wife, when husband and wife are together, we will surely have a better home, the children we grow in an atmosphere where peace and love will reign and the community and the nation will be a better place…

2. The power of unity in the home, when the home is united, the community will also be at peace because it is the family to form the community, when a child lack home training, that child will constitute avoic in the society.

The truth is, every child came from a home and have father and mother and father, when the father fails to instill godly discipline to their children, then the community and the nation will be experiencing setback.

3. The power of unity in a community. When a community is united, and they are not baise, they will be able to choose good leaders and together fight crime. 

4. The power of unity in a nation, when a nation is united without any form of sentiment, when her leaders are not doing well, they can together raise alarms. When a nation is united in agreement to curb corruption and crime. 

Every child has a father and mother, every child came from a family, and it is the family to form the community and the society and the society form the nation. 

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