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Mzansi People Reacts To The Latest Covid-19 Cases (see this)

Although the government has forever been the out in the streets and social media telling people to wear musk's and to practice social distance at all times ever since covid l-19 arrived in mzansi,Truth is looking back at the past 2-3 months when different political parties were campaigning for votes, They were all quiet about everything that has to do with COVID-19 all they preached was vote us for this and that which is not good,

If you should look at the COVID-19 statistics ever since all those votes campaigns has been made the numbers had started increasing from less than 100 a day to over 2000 new cases on a daily basis, This generally means a lot of things and the adjustment of lockdown being part of those many things. So looking at social media a lot of people have been complaining as the numbers of new cases keep increasing, 

For example look at the latest COVID-19 19 statistics and also have a look at what people had to say. Heres the statistics below,


Now,Please have a rapid look at what people had to say about this high new covid cases in the screenshots below.

Looking at all this comments quite a number of people seem convinced that this numbers in this statistics are somehow being manipulated in order to keep people home and stuff like that, I mean a lot of people seems convinced about this and now there's no way quite a lot of people could have the same mentality without any valid reason.

So now let us hear what you think what think about this high numbers by kindly leaving a comment in the comments section below please, While you are at that please do see to it that you follow my account in order to get more news and updates in the future 

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