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Alleged ‘serial killer’ cop Rosemary Ndlovu was generous to colleagues

Something completely insane happens every time Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu takes the stage. Throughout her trial, the woman accused of planning the murders of FIVE relatives and her boyfriend has found various ways to shock people – and things didn’t change much on Monday.

Ndlovu went back to court for the mid day session after breaking down in tears in the morning. However, as the situation heated up, the suspect completely shut down. She began gasping for air, fanning herself with court papers, and burying her face in her hands.

Her translator explained the situation, there was just a lot going on to the bench. He explained a lot about his client, that his client requested to be excused for a moment during the trial because she was not feeling well. Rosemary described the court room as “spinning” , and that her body temperature is going up for some reasons. The case was eventually postponed.

Rosemary has been acting weird, people are not buying her story. She even threw food at some reporters, and went as far as showing her back side to the camera crews. Apart from that , she just don’t show remorse for what she has done , she acts completely insane.

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