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OPINION| Zimbabweans, The Man is Asking you Not to Call Him After Hours

I like engaging and also helping people where I can, however let us normalize not calling after hours when we have never done so before, it is just BAD manners to do so. Normalize calling strangers during normal hours, and NEVER video call unless the other side said you can, It is bad manners and disrespectful to video call a strangerWhen I have never called someone via WhatsApp, I text them first and ask if I can call, that is what decent people do, you don’t just call, If it is an emergency, text first explaining why you want to call out of hours, I have a family, they don’t appreciate me talking to strangers at 8PM when I am supposed to be on the dinner table!

Let us respect those phoning manners with not just myself, but everyone else, I don’t want to talk about goats or politics at 9PM with strangers. I hope this has been heard and that folks will respect my request and also use it as a general rule everywhere ~ Hopewell Chin'ono

I totally agree and also, when strangers call, they should introduce themselves. Not just start talking. It's such bad manners. Or pick up the phone and just say hi. I hate that, manners are key when doing anything nomatter the intention or situation be responsible enough, to think for others. Very true Hopewell we have to respect each other, knowing the right time to call someone by first messaging and ask if it is ok to make a phone call, avideo call without my approval is a very bad thing to do. Do that to me I will block you I don't care who you are don't violate my privacy ask first and know the right to call the person you do not know

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