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A lady found a basket on top of her fathers grave this morning in Limpopo, see pictures below

09 August 2022


A lasy went a nd posted on social media after she found something strange on her father's grave. She said that her father passed away in 2020 last of last year. She also mentioned that there was lot of drama before after her father passed away. They actually went to erect the tombstone of her father last week.

When they arrived at the graveyard they found a bucket putted upside down with a white cloth inside it and a stop on top of it. The person putted the stone there so that the busket won't be removed by wind. The lady is confused and she want to know what does it actually mean.

A day before the erection of the Tombstone her father went to clean the graveyard but he couldn't. Because he found that busket and he wanted everyone to see it on their own before he could remove it. The uncle did continue to say that their cousins whome they believe that she killed their father( poisoned). She said she couldn't sleep because she see him everywhere.

They believe that the cousin might be the one who putted the busket there so that the father can not come out and hunt her. The lady actually wanted to know if someone has ever came across something like this? And what does it really mean? Could the father's interpretation be correct? Couldn't be their father is not resting in peace and what are they supposed to do?

In my Opinion i believe that their fathers soul is not resting in peace because the person who killed him is still not known. The family need to find a way to free him from the anger. This had made lot of people to realize that it is important to visit the graveyard and see if your family is still resting well.

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