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Videos: Watch Day Light Robberies In Johannesburg

It is always risky and dangerous to walk around the streets of Johannesburg, or any South African Town for that matter, there is a high chance of getting robbed or possibly mugged, it seems it is equally unsafe to drive in the streets since they rob people while the wait for the traffic lights to turn green.

Thugs in Johannesburg central business district were in a mean mood on Wednesday as it seemed they had set themselves some sort of a target, they wanted to achieved their goal of cars robbed in a days.

Two videos of separate incidents shows thugs attacking and confronting drivers in their cars by pointing guns on them and demand their possessions before leaving them devastated.

The first video (video link: shows three armed men approaching a vehicle which was waiting behind other vehicles on corner President and Nugget Streets JHB CBD, to get a chance to move forward, they point the driver with a gun and after some few the driver opened the doors and they searched the car before walking away with their loot, probably a wallet and cellphone(s).

In a similar incident, different location, another vehicle was almost robbed at corner Market and Nuggets Streets JHB, (Video link: luckily the thugs did not get enough time as the robots turned green and the cars moved quickly.


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