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R.I.P. Vicky Terblanche, She Was Finally Found In The Shallow Grave At Her Boyfriend's House


My beautiful friend’s body was found at Greenbushes in Port Elizabeth. 2 arrests have been made, the investigating is still ongoing.

This woman didn’t deserve to have something like this happen to her and no one is the whole world deserves this, fortunately enough no two people have been arrested including her boyfriend on whose premises they discovered her body buried in a shallow grave.

We are seeing these incidences quite often now and it’s a major concern especially for our children, how safe are they with the friends and boyfriends they interact with.

My worry is that there are outcries but not enough is being done to mitigate this. I know no one can predict that this would happen, but these people present a certain character trait. No one just becomes violent overnight.

There must be tell tail signs of people who might have the propensity to become violent, clearly there are professionals in this field who could provide guidance and advice so that our children are made aware what to look out for.

Yes some may hide it but not for long certain aspects of themselves would show up, there also needs to be a guide on how to get out of these relationships safely without aggravating the other person. We really have to play the role of defensive engagement.

As it’s difficult to change these people and you have no idea of their historical factors that have impacted their lives in their childhood, especially for man as they don’t speak out or vocalise their issues.

Simply put we have to act in the interest of our children. No parent should have to go through all of this and to have to bury their own child, May her soul Rest In Peace.

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Greenbushes Port R.I.P. Vicky Terblanche


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