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Opinion - New Dawn Really exposed the Black middle class myth

COVID 19 lockdown levels and regulations together with curfews. Really exposed the Black middle class myth.

The entire COVID 19 Is basically reminding Black people, that even when you think that you own something. You don't own nothing. Actually, even the owner, is not really the owner. There's an owner that owns the owner( the bank /employer) that controls the owner. We were simple reminded that our fancy high paying jobs and careers are nothing and we can easily find ourselves unemployed.

Right now in South Africa. It’s either you poor or rich, however, the system has cushion that allows a poor man to borrow so that he can be comfortably poor. Those that are comfortably poor (called themselves middle class).

They’ve been given the opportunity to invade suburban neighborhoods and afford better living lifestyle with other races. They look down on those that are just poor like them but can't qualify for car financing, house bonds and loans. Both groups are living on mouth to mouth kinda like lifestyle. The difference between the two. Is the fact that others can get food, petrol and many things with credit and others only get their stuff on cash.

Meanwhile they're destroying the middle class so that the Rich and Poor can only exist. The majority of those who considered themselves middle class about 3 years ago. Today they are sitting at home in poverty, unemployed, retrenched and frustrated. Some of them are mad and suicidal because they’ve lost houses , cars and their businesses.

I remember when COVID 19 began. It was the middle class people. Who were vocal about the poor masses that didn’t follow Lockdown regulations for staying at home inside their house yards. The black middle class were the people who glorified the arrival of the soldiers that assaulted people for being found walking on the road during the first hard lockdown.

Today it is the same middle class people. Who are affected the most by Covid-19 lockdowns. Today the middle class people is against lockdown restrictions contrary to their first supporting stance. The reason behind dropping the support is because it affects their comfort zone wellbeing.

Again the same middle class people are used as vaccine influencers. Telling the poor masses of how great is to take the jab. History has no blank pages. Wait until it affects them. They will abandon their support and sing a different tune.

Even during KZN unrest. The black middle class was reminded of their blackness. When some of them were even blocked on entering their suburban areas without a proven letter or identification to state whether he or she was really living/staying in such places.

It’s getting clearer by the day that middle class status is a myth and feel goodism. It doesn’t exist in real life but, exist in our classism feelisto as per each and every individual.

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