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Theft robbery

OPINION - The crime rate is ridiculous

BMW badges and other car badges continously gets stolen. If it's not the badges of the car, they steal the badges on the mags or even worst your whole car. As soon as you leave your car and go into a shop, the criminals target your car, and it's a few of them that works together.

This crime issue needs to be addressed. People need to take action, instead of talking behind closed doors.

A BMW badge is so expensive to replace everytime. Actually all cars parts are expensive to replace, and they just have a nerve to steal your hard living.

This is becoming ridiculous. The crime rate is so high and increases continously. If it's not this crime it's something worst.A person has to be scared to go out of your yard fearing of crimes.

We need to always be more vigilant out there, weather it's in the day or at night.

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