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Stolen Toyota By Foreigners Burnt Down At The Border

For several years, South Africa has doing everything it can to reduce unlawful foreign immigration. South Africa is experiencing a massive influx of foreigners, which some attribute to inadequate border administration and security.

The difficulty with illegal immigrants is that once they come, they commit a variety of crimes and are unable to be identified because their information is not recorded with the government. Foreigners do not, however, perpetrate all crimes. Some people are looking for a green meadow and are working hard to find it.

The illegal import and export of products and services is one of the most common illicit acts done by foreigners. They arrive in South Africa with contacts from vendors in their home country who supply them illegal goods to market here. They sell smokes that aren't legal. Some are high-ranking crooks with a penchant for stealing automobiles.

The South African government built a concrete wall along the border between Kwazulu Natal and Mozambique in response to all of the illegal imports and exports.

This was done to stop illegal products from entering and leaving South Africa.

After what was discovered recently, it appears that the barrier wall is indeed working. A Toyota Fortuner was detected attempting to illegally cross into Mozambique by patrolling security. The culprits attempted to drive the car over the border barrier wall using a ramp, according to the inquiry. When the ramp gave way, the automobile crashed to the ground and exploded into ashes. Below are some images of the car:

How do you feel about this? What do you believe should be done to put an end to these criminal activities for good? Please leave your thoughts in the box below.


More troops should be appointed to the board, and an electric dance should be installed to inform authorities when there is a moving obstruction.

Even unscrupulous border security officers who break the law must set an example for them.

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