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In Sh0ck: R40 Million Road Is Being Constructed By Using Only Wheelbarrows And Spades

Wonders shall never end in our lovely country, and flops shall never end because of those who always likes to cut corners. A road construction in Phalaborwa and Giyani has been the talk of the town and has raised many suspicions. These allegations have come forward after a tender of R40 million was awarded to construct a road between Giyani and Phalaborwa.

People started to wonder if the tender was assigned correctly to the right people after it was seen that this construction was done by the use of wheelbarrows and spades only. No construction machinery was visible, and this proved that this work was given to people who are possibly incompetent. No road in South Africa has been build using a spade and a wheelbarrow, but they are constructed using heavy plant machinery.

After people were alerted, this left many fuming because it became clear that money is being stolen from funds which were to be used to provide services for the community.

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