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A Street Vendor Has Been Controling Police to Keep Illigal Foreigners in Mzansi

Date: 14/11/21



With an ongoing foreigner problem in South Africa, people have always wondered who was the mastermind behind all of this. It is said that there are more than 15 million foreigners in South Africa and most of them are not even legal. On Saturday it was revealed that the police and some officials at home affairs were responsible of keeping foreigners in South Africa illegally but the mastermind behind all of this is the one that shocked everyone.


It was revealed through her staying at the lebombo border post in komatipoort Mpumalanga that a woman who is a street vendor was the one who organised this whole operation of keeping illegal foreigners in the country. It is said that through her, foreigners were able to get their passports stamped illegally without going through the official route.

She was able to navigate the whole system of police and tell them what to do and the home affairs people. How she was able to gain so much power it is unknown but she was the main head of the operation. Luckily the whole operation was put to a standstill after this thing was able to expose all of them one by one. Now they are all behind bars and will soon have to pay for increasing the immigrant problem in the country.


It seems that the police and government officials in South Africa are willing to be controlled by anyone as long as they are being given money. We can assume that this woman was able to control this whole operation because she had a lot of money to give to the police and the government officials. The government really needs to deal with officials and employees that break the law in this way.

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