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A man prayed for a female stranger he met on a taxi after he saw her doing this

We all face difficult times in our lives when we need all kinds of help, be it emotional, financial or physical.

 The world may appear to be full of cruelty, but there are good people out there who can try to help those who do not know them. we often come to the homeless with good health. This is because they rely on those with good hearts to provide them with food and clothing and their lives flow smoothly.

 A man traveling by the name of @mhpomokola posted a picture of a woman he met in a taxi. The woman looks nervous and has a book in front of her full of questions. the man knew right away that he was going to talk more than he asked for his name to be prayed for hr and wish him well.

 The man also posted the pictures on twitter asking people to help him pray for the woman to take her interview and get the job she seems to want. his was a need for compassion. The man knew he had nothing to help the woman and at the moment all she needed was prayer and encouragement.

 Many people were touched by this kindness and thanked the man for what he had done for the stranger. People are fighting different wars every day so be kind to them all the time. Help others as much as you can and in any way you can depending on the situation. not all things require money sometimes even putting an older person first in what may be useful to them. One act of kindness is indeed beneficial.

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