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Matric Pupil Shot Dead In The Early Hours Of Friday While Waiting For Results, In Pietermarisburg

This day was intended to be the day we praise his great outcomes, nonetheless, we are grieving his demise," said the upset group of matric pupi Mvelo Zikhali, who was killed while review his matric results outside a carport in Pietermaritzburg".


Andrea T21 on Twitter additionally said "What is the deal for certain individuals. He had his entire future in front of him. He was most likely anticipating his subsequent stages for his future. I can't envision how his friends and family are feeling. It's silly".

An hour prior Zola sigubude on Twitter said "Tragically his executioners will be condemned to five years detainment assuming that they at any point found by South African spoiled equity framework".

Tiago speck Santos on Twitter additionally answered and said "So tragic ,when will this brutality end,this can't continue ,sa gov should be eliminated for neglecting to ensure its residents"

"This week has been shaken by shootings and school students are engaged with some way! It's so startling 😨". Freezandile mafe page on Twitter said.

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Mvelo Zikhali Pietermarisburg


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