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Bathabile Dlamini Gets Strong Condemnation By People For Saying This About "Jub Jub" Maarohanye

"He was a convict who claimed to be a sex worker broker while serving jail time. He spoke vile and disrespectful about women in the interview. Women have come forward to narrate how he has abused them before. Women live in fear because of men like Jub Jub". These are the words Bathabile Dlamini wrote on twitter. But things turned nasty on Bathabile as people protected Jub Jub. It's so amazing to see Bathabile Dlamini the leader of ANC women's league saying this immediately when Jub Jub is being dragged in the dust.

When the ruling party was in corruption scandals she remained mum. Today the youth of South Africa is facing unemployment dues to greediness of ANC what did she do to stop it. Nothing but on unfair allegations of abuse by Amanda Du Pont she is quick to judge. This let to twitter court to hurriedly roast her alive with questions and rebuking.

Comments from Twitter

Lorch @lorshy2

Now This is grandstanding and Annoying 🤮 How many GBV cases have we heard of in the past 12 months alone?? Yet you have never designed a poster for those perpetrators?? This is Fake feminism🤮Sies.

@Elva @12841915

JUB JUB is well known figure, his influence in society is huge therefore is befitting for Bathabile to make such poster..

But other people like Sinethemba Sankara Bizela who is an activist and a writer said this about men, "So, men almost always doubting a rape outcry reminds me of the workings of the body in pain, as theorised by the American literary critic, Elaine Scarry. The latter accounts for the inability of language to enunciate physical pain into speech.

She views pain as that which does not only elude language but precede it as well, hence we use figurative language in attempting to articulate the pain we feel.

So, to have pain is to have certainty but to hear about it is to be ever in a state of doubt because pain cannot be shared. Or it cannot be bluetooth’ed.

It is precisely the constant disbelief in hearing about the pain that the danger lies.

One can be uncertain about the other’s pain to a point of unwittingly inflicting it further by being callous, indifferent, due to uncertainty.

Like hearing about rape, we display this doubt and uncertainty because we do not know what it is like to be a rape survivor. But the danger in this context is that we are inflicting more pain and perpetuating sexual violence at once because we are unwittingly protecting the rapist.

Finally, the reason we always have unnecessary debates about rape is that in our collective unconscious, as Blacks, resides one historical fact: black women cannot be raped because the history of slavery rendered them objects, possessions of men.

As the Jub Jubs of this country we need to make the corrections about this problematic ‘sikisi’ (6), so as to disabuse ourselves from it and stop raping, beating and killing black women"

What do you think?

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