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The Young Man from Orange farm is asking for intervention to pay back the money he borrowed.

Sources HELP! Save Waiter from mashonisas skoloto | Dailysun

HELP! Save Waiter from money lender skoloto

Server Mosibi said he lives in dread and is secluded from everything since he owes eight money lenders who are taking steps to kill him.

Server Mosibi said he lives in dread and is sequestered from everything since he owes eight lender who are taking steps to kill him. Photograph by Tumelo Mofokeng

Server Mosibi is suffocating in an ocean of obligation that gets further consistently.

"I really want assistance. I owe eight lender," the 30-year-old from Orange Farm, south of Joburg, told Daily Sun.

"I can't stay aware of instalments and I owe a sum of R9 400."

He said he took cash from the lender to help his three children from various moms.

"I'm sequestered from everything. I'm running from lender who need their cash. I want assistance from individuals who will pay the cash I owe," he said

"I need to modify my life and have the option to work for my children. I had a go at asking the lender to cause a game plan with me since I to have a new position, however t,hey would rather not converse with me."

Server, who fills in as a safety officer, said he tried positive for Covid-19 last year and had to remain at home.

Two of his child's moms indicted him for papgeld.

He said the sum he owed went up each month and the lender was taking steps to kill him.

His mom Meisi (57) said she's exceptionally stressed for her child.

Waiter Mosibi said he lives in fear and is in hiding because he owes eight mashonisas who are threatening to kill him.            Photo by   Tumelo Mofokeng

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