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Road Accident

Collision Last night on the N1 North just before the Lynnwood offramp.

Multiple vehicles including trucks were involved in a collision. Reportedly More than 8 Vehicle got caught up in the pile up.

It is believed that before the collision a part of the road had been cordoned off due to an earlier crime scene. People are speculating that there’s some kind of food going on that area of the road that is why there are many accidents, this is reminiscent of their Moloto Road where a lot of Accidents occurred that the government he had called several churches to pray for that road.

Witnesses say that a heavy motor vehicle had jack-knifed while attempting to avoid crashing into the scene resulting in several other vehicles crashing in a pile up.

A number of people sustained minor to serious injuries and were treated on scene before being transported by various ambulance services to local hospitals. Accidents occur all the time and this should not be thought of as any different from the rest.

Many people speculate that these accidents are often caused by Taxi & truck drivers or inexperienced drivers who are driving small cars. 

There were a lot of accidents in Pretoria last night on Simon Vermoten. Could hear at least 3 ambulances from the scene, Please be careful. What a mess. Poor poor innocent people caught in this.

Every time we get into a car we should pray to God for protection.

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