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Community members must be involved in a child protection campaign against Kidnappers| Opinion

By saying so, is time to very parents to make it a priority to sit down with their children, to lecture or warn them about this incidents. Most especially those children who likes to play out side the schools premises, or those who like to be left behind at after schools when others go home, even in the instead were by we find out that young children walk alone when coming to school and going back home.

Now there are various ways to solve this problem but to name a few, as we all know that families are not the same and others can't afford transportation.

So why can't others pledge to volunteer for the escorting of children to school from their respective homes and do it again in the afternoon, were by by each and every street in the community has that one person. Who will be walking with them now and again, as we know that other families don't have people or individuals who can escort their children to school, so by starting this initiative the crime operations will reduce to the best.

Well that was just my suggestion to this issue that we are facing on a daily basis. Hopefully might be a part of a strategy to prevent the crime operations happening in our communities.

This comes after an increase in Kidnepping cases nationwide, more especially as we are approaching the festive season.

This message even managed to make its way up to the headlines of various news sources from the entire internet and various social media platforms concerning this issue, as it is still trending all over the flying news as we speak by thousands and thousands of comments and posts which have been making rounds through out the entire internet lately.

People are even alleged to go through out various official pages for more information about this update, to avoid being influenced by inconvenient and fake news which might end up costing them a lot unecessary.

Well as a reader don't hesitate to drop off your opinion by commenting on the platform below and don't forget to share and like, I thank you for turning in my channel once again.

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