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A man bought a sack of potatoes, opened them only to find this inside. See details.

A lady bought a sack of potatoes, opened them only to find inside. See details. 

As South Africans, we are used to buying our vegetables from street vendors. Most people have even advised people to buy their vegetables from street vendors instead of supermarkets so that they can support the vendors who are also trying to make a living by selling vegetables. However, one might consider buying them from supermarkets after the following happened to a lady. 

A man bought a sack of potatoes, took them home and opened them. To his surprise, there were potatoes, but those potatoes in that same sack, there were also some rocks inside. The man shared this on social media. Some people laughed about it while others shared that it also happens in different parts of the country. 

One person said this also happens in Durban. The salespeople open the bag to show you how beautiful the potatoes are, then fold the inner layers of the bag or sack to make it look full. Another person said that those who trade in Johannesburg are not easily held accountable because, after selling you the products, they can simply, just change their spot. 

People are trying to make a living, but this is not the right way to do it. People always advise others to buy locally and also buy from street vendors. However, when they start selling dubious products, one has to wonder if they really deserve customers or not. People need to be careful when buying vegetables from street vendors from now on to avoid getting duped. 

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