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The Surprising Secret Reason Why A Forex Trader Was Gunned Down In His Yellow Mustang

The Secret Reason Why A Forex Trader Was Gunned Down In His Yellow Mustang

Date: 2021/09/16

Sad but true a young forex trader from Soweto was gunned down this afternoon by a taxi owner, it was believed he was shot because he took the guy's lady.

South Africa has people who are mentally disturbed, that is why once you are too rich for the people you live around move out and never look back, do not stay around people who do not do what you do, or people who are less wealthy than you are, because envy and jealousy are two things that exist in every community especially where people are very poor living hand to mouth, they will set you up as they did to the yellow Mustang driver.

Sad but Soweto has become a place where inequality thrives on one hand you have young guys who are not even above the age of 35, spending all these millions like they are nothing, and on one hand you have people who have not eaten for a day or two, how can that person not be envious or kill you if he sees you with the women of his dreams, it is exactly like John F. Kennedy who was killed in public when he was riding in the hood where people were less fortunate than he is in the USA.

The young guys should learn to be more vigilant when they move, a little bit of quietness will help a lot of people, the shiny yellow car in South Africa draws all the good and bad energy, you might think that they are happy for you but they are scheming for your death.

When you have it does not show it, keep it to yourself as a secret. The secret reason was that he was shot because he took the taxi driver's girlfriend and made her his.  


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