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Bitting nails gone too far?| Mzansi left in disbelief after seeing what a lady did to her fingers

A lady recently caused a stir on social media after posting pictures of finger nails. What caught people's attention was how they looked. As most people are aware it is something normal for individuals to have their nails trimmed when they get too long. Even though it may be the case there are people who prefer having fake long nails or even their natural ones. However it became a surprise to many people when they came across pictures of the lady's hands. Basically she took bitting nails too far. She even had some of her skin coming off her figures because of what she was doing. This was rather strange for most people. Some mentioned that they have seen people who are obsessed with bitting nails but not to this level. See more of people's reactions down below;

"Nail biting typically begins in childhood and may accelerate during adolescence. It’s not always clear why someone develops this particular habit, but once it starts, it can be difficult to manage."

Share your thoughts on the comment section, what do you think of the lady's hands and the behavior of nail bitting?

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