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Man Beaten By Security Guard For Eating An Orange In A Store

Siphamandla Vuku was beaten to within an inch of his life after entering a booze store while munching on an orange.

The 34-year-old man from Philippi Browns Farm in Cape Town is said to have been beaten by store security guards before being left for dead in the wilderness. On Friday, Vuku claims he purchased an orange at a nearby mall on his route to the booze store.

The security guard at the liquor store's door saw me eating it but said nothing, according to Vuku. "He charged at me while I was looking at the liquor pricing. Why was I eating the orange inside the store, he questioned me.

Given that he had gotten past the security guard at the entry, Vuku said he wasn't breaching any laws. He claimed that he informed the security officer that he believed he was being allowed to pass since they weren't selling oranges.

To his surprise, the guard allegedly started beating him up. He then allegedly called for help, and additional security guards joined in the beating.

They led him to the store's back room where they questioned him about his possession of a gun. I told them I didn't have it, and even if I did, they hit me with handcuffs on, he added. Then they dropped him after driving him into the bushes adjacent to Lansdowne Road. After the collision, his knees and ankles were swelled. He thinks the guards left him there and demands an explanation from them as to why he attacked in the first place. A 34-year-old guy was assaulted in a Philippi store, according to Captain Frederick Van Wyk, and Nyanga police reported it as a routine assault. Although the inquiry is ongoing, no one has been taken into custody.


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