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Tavern of death: 14-year-old girl said she lied to her parents and now she is haunted

More revelations are emerging from Enyobeni, which is now known as the tavern of death.

Many of the patrons who were at the tavern were of school going age with some as young as 14.

One of the survivors is a 14-year-old girl and she stated that she lied to her parents.

She told them that she was going to a friends birthday party. She added that the lie is one she will live to regret.

The girl, who can not be named as she is a minor, alluded that she was having sleepless nights as she had never physically seen a dead person. 

But suddenly she found herself surrounded by many dead bodies. At least 21 young people lost their lives. 

“I’m having flashbacks of seeing some of the people who died right in front of my eyes. I’ve never seen this in my life,” she said.

She added that her parents were very disappointed in her and things will take time to return to normal.

“I’m struggling to do anything. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat. I get flashbacks of what happened at that tavern. I have to face my parents who know I lied and are disappointed in me," she said. 


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