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Fighting Illegal Miners Might End In Tears For South Africans (OPINION)

Looking at many parts of the Gauteng province which had some abdoned mines right now, The community members around those mines seems to be I some operation to forcefully removing the Zama Zama's (illegal miners) who are usually foreign nationals practicing some mining activities at this mines and so forth. Well incase you don't know why they are being chased out of this old mines it's because of an incident which took place about 3 weeks ago when some of the miners are alleged to have sexually abused some mzansi women at this mines

Well be that as it may, If you should look at a lot of videos that are leaking of this illegal miners a lot of them seems to always be heavily armed which is something we cannot say about South Africans i mean just take a look at how bad the guys are armed below


So now with them being armed this way and a lot of South Africans busy pursuing them destroying thier shacks and machinery as part of getting rid of them don't you think that this might take another turn? I mean look at the pics attached below please

Don't you think it's only a matter of time this people will have enough of us as a people of South Africa and start fighting back? I mean they have the guns for it they are in our land they know where to find us in majority and so forth and should a fight erupt we are to loose more since it's gonna be going down on our land. What's you take on all this?

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