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Road Accident

South Africans, you mean there is no one who knows someone who knows this guy?

It is alleged that there is a man who was highjacking a car. There is a video on social media, Tweeter showing the man pointing a gun to the car he was about to highjack . So, people on Tweeter were asking if we know the man in the dash camera.

I watched this video many times and analyzed the accent of these gents they are definitely our South African Brothers. Are guns legalised in South Africa, because how can you rob traffic, with a gun in broad daylight? There are people who know this guy. Just that black people hesitate to report such incidents if the situation is not directly affecting them. They say you are "impimpi " and you are likely to be killed. That is the number one reason why we have high crime. The criminals are known to the community.

The driver must have been in shock. I drive every day no way in the world a gunman walks up to me while the vehicle is in motion his face would have stuck to my windshield.

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Source credit : Tweeter

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