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Black People No Longer Allowed In Some White Neighbourhoods and Malls See here

The recent looting and violence that has taken place in South Africa has done significant harm to the country's economy. As a result of the widespread looting, large retail establishments have been left vacant. They are robbing and stealing their way from one shopping center to another.At the moment, there is a scarcity of food and gasoline in Durban.

Local malls, as well as those in the city, are completely devoid of people since they have been completely wiped out. The malls and retail centers that have survived are those that are located in low-density suburbs and are primarily occupied by white people, according to the report.Many Black individuals have been attempting to go grocery shopping in such locations since they are the only ones that have not been looted.

However, such communities have historically turned away Black individuals.

They have put up signs that read "Residents Only," which is amusing because the majority of the people who live there are white.

In addition, black people have been shot by Indians in Phoenix simply for being here.

Videos have surfaced showing black people getting toched and beaten by Indians and white people, among other incidents.

If the government does nothing to stop the looting and protests, they will eventually escalate into a full-scale civil conflict.

Black people are already enraged by the footage showing Indians and white people firing at unarmed black people.

As for being denied entry to a retail center, store, or region solely on the basis of your race, it is completely inhuman.

This is due to the fact that not all individuals are looters, and while we understand that they are safeguarding their property, they went a little too far, and the situation will not end well.

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