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Nhlanhla says his Dudula is not the same with Dudula Alex, but Fans are throwing him under the bus.

Contrary to popular belief, Operation Dudula is not to be confused with the Alexandra Dudula Movement. This comes after it was reported that proprietors of kiosks at the Pan African Mall in Alexandra township, which is located north of Johannesburg, have suffered losses amounting to thousands of rand in stock as well as damages from a recent fire. Operation Dudula and the Dudula Movement each have their own distinct goals, and we each have our own. 

#Operationdudula #Dudula 

South Africans are the kind of folks who will help you recover after you've done something harmful to yourself. They will accompany you everywhere you go and will assist you in making a mess of things if you so choose. If you desire to communicate with others, they will be able to assist you in doing so. They will assist you in killing people if that is what you choose to do, and they will assist you in destroying things if that is what you wish to do; however, if anything goes wrong, they will all blame you for it. 

They will all point the finger of blame at you, and they will all tell you not to include us in your calculations. People used to refer to this individual as a hero, and they had nothing but good things to say about him. However, now that the Alexander Mall has been burned down, those individuals are aware that the law will be coming after them; however, they are claiming that Nhlanhla Lux is to blame for everything, which is an extremely pitiful claim to make.


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