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"See" what is permitted and not permitted in Level 1

Social affairs: Indoor gatherings - max 750 

Outside gatherings - max 2000 

Close to half of the limit of a scene might be filled. 

Liquor: May be sold as far as would be expected liquor guidelines for on-and off-site utilization. No limitations any longer. 

Cafés, bars, and bars: 

Should nearby 11:00 around evening time 

Burial services: 100 may now join in. Night vigils and tears occasions are as yet precluded. 

Wearing a MASK is as yet necessary. 

Immunizations: 17 million measurements given 

The immunization rate is currently 33% of the grown-up populace. 

The objective is to have 70% of the grown-up populace inoculated by December 2021 

Vooma inoculation end of the week crusade - beginning tomorrow - a major drive to get everybody more than 18 immunized. 

At the end of the week, the antibody stations will be open. 

The president additionally urges organizations to get every one of their laborers immunized. 

SA has now been living under the shadows of the COVID-19 pandemic for 474 days. 

Immunization international IDs that residents will want to use to travel, access certain scenes, and go to specific capacities, will be dispatched. 

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