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Pakistan's shops are a no go area. They were caught making this.


A social media user is raising an alert to South Africans on social media platforms to be aware of buying certain products from Pakistan shops. This alert came after pictures of imitation products surfaced as evidence that Pakistans are copycats of already existing brands.

Neo Nkhwashu uploaded pictures on Facebook of a place that looked like a warehouse where Pakistans produce home made condoms that are then packaged in a well known brand packets in order to mislead customers.Price is the main competitive tool used by Pakistans to beat competition from the original brand that charges value for money.

"Pakistans also known as my friend do not buy products from their own shops," the post read.We should avoid buying products that will put our health at risk.The aim of raising an alert fellow South Africans about this matter is not to incite xenophobic attacks but looking out for each other as a nation .

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