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PPEs Company Was Seen Burying Dead Bodies Using A Refrigerated Meat Truck


The video footage shows an incident where a seemingly fraudulent company that had procured a government tender of disposing of the bodies, of all those individuals who died from covid-19 and it seems like the operation is completely illegal.

What they have done was merely dig up the burial holes where they are burying all those individuals that succumbed to covid-19 and they're using a rope to lower their caskets, and what is more frightening is the fact that they are transporting the bodies in a refrigerated meat truck.

This is something that has caught the attention of motorists and members of the public were concerned that their family members could have been buried with meat trucks, the government was very secretive about what they do to bodies not covid-19 victims who are not claimed by their family members.

We've always known that there were irregular tenders that have been given out to individuals who are connected to politicians, and this is the reason why they are so upset about the things that are happening in the country.

This company seems to be fraudulent, especially how they used a meat truck that they could have borrowed from a local store. The thing that gave this company away is the fact that they do not have a proper refrigerated truck to deal with such matters, and it seemed like they were also very agitated.

Although they were wearing their PPEs and we can see that they were following the necessary protocols, in order to ensure that they were not exposing themselves to the virus.

The whole incident looks very fiwhy because the whole truck was filled with those boxes carrying bodies that had succumbed to covid-19, apparently the government has a rule whereby family members cannot even see their family members which have died from covid-19.

Because of the fear that they might also contract the virus, if they expose themselves to the same atmosphere with those bodies.

Now the following thing is that the police must conduct investigations in order to find out who the perpetrators of these illegal activities are, so that they can bring them to justice. What we are seeing here is completely illegal and it shows that our government might be awarding tenders to the wrong people.

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