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Plane Crash

Luzuko Residents Looted A Plane, There's Nothing South Africans Won't Do


This news was confirmed by the City of Cape Town councilor Jean-Pierre Smith, this is after they recieved a call from the pilot calling for mayday prior to the crash by a veld next to a major road in Luzuko.

After the plane crash landed the residents didnt even waste any time going to the scene, as if they were looking to rescue the pilot and for a minute he was glad until he noticed people completely ignoring him and rampaging around his cockpit.

Two pilots are like to be alive after light plane that they were flying in crash-landed in Luzuko, in Lower Crossroads. The community members didnt make a good impression to the public because now we know that when an accident happens in the area, the victim will be at the mercy of the community members because they are also a real threat.

The City of Cape Town MMC for Safety and Security says the Metro cops and Law Enforcements responded to the scene after they received a call from the pilot, they surely made huge efforts to ensure that he was saved and given the immediate health care process that he needed at the moment.

He told them that they were about to be robbed and aircraft looted flowing their crash-landing, you can imagine the surprise on their faces when they heard of such a horrible incident because they didn't know that this was even a thing.

This incident had happened just before 6pm and it was definitely dark outside creating a situation where the people were very unfriendly towards the pilots, this is a spatial problem where many people are exposed to extreme poverty but the government is not addressing the issue at hand.

The crowd quickly radioed air-traffic control calling for urgent assistance with report of them being looted, this is something that has definitely posed a serious problem for the people who were in the horrible accident.

Our metro police were the first on the area as they managed to secure the area, this is a problem that they can deal with only if they address the joblessness that is happening in the country and they can't solve this problem by throwing grant money at people.

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