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She did not deserve this, Here's what was found around the neck of a dead body recently.

Gender based Violence in South Africa is a huge problem, with many Woman losing their lives in tragic ways. However the story of a body that was found recently may be the most heartbreaking. Here are all the details of the case and why this one is so sad.

The SAPS (South African Police Service) has appealed to the public to help find the family of a Woman who was found dead in Mid Illovo recently. She was found by farm workers on Monday 8 August 2022, the day before Woman's day. She was burnt beyond recognition with the only part of her clothing being slightly visible being Black Takkies and Navy Blue socks.

The most tragic parts about this is that around her neck they found wires, which is believed to be from a tyre. Meaning this murder may have been a necklacing.

Necklacing is a way of killing people that is believed to have originated in the Apartheid times. What would generally happen is a tyre would be put around someone's body, either at the neck or the chest and the tyre would be set alight.

The person would than burn to death, fueled by the rubber in the tyre. Since tyre wires are metal, it makes sense that they would be the only thing left behind.

The thought of an apartheid level crime happening to a Woman in Modern day society deeply hurts me. While it's not confirmed whether she was alive or dead when the tyre was placed on her, it's still tragic.

While Gender based violence cases happen all the time and they are all quite sad, I feel like this one should serve as a warning to South Africans.

No person, let alone any Woman, deserves to die like this, and we all have to act against gender based violence to stop crimes like this from happening.

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